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Clinic Notes

Our latest 2 clinics had MOST of the cars and drivers showing up! All drivers on the 1st got to drive the test course at ASI. Here are few pictures from the latest clinics...

Our next clinics were held at our corporate sponsor, Air Systems Inc. in San Jose. 4 new cars were built and many more retrofitted. Not only can we build the cars here, but they are letting us store them on display as well. Here are a few pictures of the clinic.

Our first build clinics of 2007 was held at the Santa Clara Fire Station #9. Despite the blustery weather outside, the firefighters made us warm and welcome as we had 4 new cars and 2 rebuild of old cars. After only 3 hours, all cars were through the first half of the build - right where thy wanted to be. We took pictures of all the kids in one of the stock cars:

We need ALL drivers that have not retrofitted or finished their cars are the NEXT clinic! Please make sure your pit crew brings the following if you have them:
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • Wide flat blade screwdriver
  • 3/8" open-end box wrench
  • 7/16" open-end box wrench
  • " open-end box wrench
  • 9/16" open-end box wrench
  • 5/64" Allen Wrench
  • Standard Pliers
  • Wire Cutter Pliers
  • 10 measuring tape
  • Standard Hammer or Mallet
  • Feeler Gauges
  • C Clamps
  • Battery Powered Drill