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2012 Silicon Valley Local Race

The local race for Silicon Valley is held each year by the Silicon Valley Soap Box Derby. The winner in each divison determines who gets to represent the Silicon Valley Area in the All American Soap Box Derby World Championship.

The local race for 2012 is scheduled for May 19th, 2013. We will have a Stock and Super Stock local race as well as a Super Kids local race on May 18th. A manditory technical inspection, weigh-in, and impound will occur on May 18th, 2013.


All 2012-2013 AASBD rules will be used. For official up-to-date rules, please consult the AASBD web site at www.aasbd.org

Race Format:Double elimination, lane and progressive wheel swap, timer differential. Heat winners may be subject to re-weighing after each heat. One practice run is available for first time ever racers.
Inspection: Each car will be inspected and weighed before the race. Please arrive "inspection ready" with your own weights. Inspection will be held at the race site on Hanover Street at Varian on May 18th from 9AM to 5PM.
Age:Please bring a copy of the driver's birth certificate with you to registration/inspection. All drivers must meet AASBD age guidelines as of race day.
Awards: Trophies for all participants with larger trophies for 1st - 8th places in Stock and Super Stock. Winners of each division will be eligible to represent SVSBD in Akron, Ohio on July 2013.
Race Location: See below for information on our race location including map, directions, and hill details.
Entry Fees: $35 per driver.
About the hill: The local race is held on Hanover Street in Palo Alto each year.
Registration: Registration for the local race is available on-line. See the events page

The Hanover Street Hill

The Silicon Valley Local Race takes place on Hanover Street in Palo Alto. Parking (and pit area) is in the Varian parking lot right as Hanover curves to go up the hill. The end of the run out is roughly the Cooley parking lot entrance. The finish line is downhill of the last Lockheed parking lot entrance. The starting ramps are not quite at the top of the hill. The best spot to view the race is at the bus stop at the finish line or along the sidewalk.

GPS Address for directions: 3175 Hanover St Palo Alto CA

Here are a few pictures from our 2012 Spring rally on the same hill: 2012 Rally